Welcome to American Precision Products Inc. a quality and delivery oriented company that has been excelling in the custom manufacturing business for over 35 years. Providing precision machining to high quality standards.
  •   CNC Machining
  •   Tool & Die
  •   EDM
  •   Mold Making
  •   Stamping
  •   Surface and Contour Grinding
Our background is in precision machining. We can work from Blueprints, Solid Models and all File Formats.
  •  Military
  •  Aerospace
  •  Cosmetic Components
  •  Medical and Precision Optical
We combine dimensionally accurate parts with more aesthetic value than our peers which makes buyers and engineers  alike, proud to be affiliated with American Precision Products, Inc.
  • Our company also understands that finish and appearance and, on time delivery, are as important as dimensional accuracy.
  • All inspection tools are calibrated and maintained in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
  • Solidworks Certified
  • All shipments include Mill Certification for materials, Certificates of Conformance for machining, as well as any finish  requirements.
  • Documented first article reports will be provided upon request.
  • American Precision Products, Inc. builds great customer relations by building the best product at a fair value.
  • Excellent customer service and affordable pricing set us apart from the competition. That’s why our customers have been loyal to us from the start, returning time after time.
  • We partner with customers for success.

   Certifications include

       ISO 9001